Steve Olson and The Center for Wealth Planning are now Atlantic Wealth Partners. We are structurally the same organization. All enhancements to our business operations enhance our ability to serve as your good partner.  

More a defining exercise than a branding one, the name change evidences the importance we place on partnership. The nautical rope signifies Atlantic Wealth Partners’ strength of robust, interconnected resources. It echoes the interconnected success we achieve with you.

Our new website is a great resource to understand what we continue to do and the advantageous things we now do as a part of our evolution. Understanding the how and why of it all, positions you to inform our success.

Authentic partnership is its own method. It ensures we do the hard work, that our motives are pure and, that we remain decisive.

Should you have any questions, please ask. We’re happy to answer every one. A conversation moves us forward, together.

It’s not you. It’s we.