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“Treating my clients’ affairs as my own or as my family’s is not an attempt at being altruistic. It’s the strategy underpinning our business model. It ensures I do the hard work, that my motives are pure and that my actions are decisive. In our business, those are the only variables I can control.”


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Driving the Outcome

Steve Olson, CEO & Founder of Atlantic Wealth Partners, prides himself on a tenacious approach that sees you as a valued partner. This mindset ensures Atlantic Wealth Partners stays in what Olson calls an “action-oriented” posture.

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Do you know what you don’t know?

Our clients recognize they aren’t experts where we are. With your life and businesses, circumstances change constantly and new opportunities present themselves frequently.

We believe simply “managing investments” is not wealth management. Marketable securities typically only comprise about 20% of an ultra-high net worth family’s net worth, yet this is where traditional wealth management firms focus, because they are not well versed in the legal, tax, and estate areas that we hone in on for our clients.

Proper wealth management focuses on the impact every decision has on investment risk, cash flow, income and estate taxes, financial and non-financial goals and objectives—across public and privately held businesses, real estate, operating companies and other assets. Far too frequently decisions are made in a bubble and backfire in unexpected ways.

No matter how exceptional your financial, accounting and legal professionals may be, when acting on their own, their efforts are disjointed—frequently putting you at a disadvantage.

How AWP Approaches Wealth Management

We believe that at some point managing your family’s wealth becomes a full-time job. When this happens, you can leverage your wealth to maximize the time you have to:

1 focus on further wealth creation in your area of expertise; or,

2 enjoy the lifestyle; not the burden

We harness the limited, singularly focused expertise of your Investment Brokers, Bankers, Trust Companies, Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance agents and in-house administrative staff to drive a better outcome.

We take a comprehensive approach to every engagement. Operating from an ethos of partnership, we develop all client strategies as if we am planning for my own family’s future needs and security, providing actionable, appropriately motivated counsel and solutions.

Steve pioneered our unique approach to the Family Office – purpose-suited to business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors/developers and athletes to focus on non-traditional, creative, income and estate tax minimization and dynamic investment risk management strategies. He understands that in order to be successful you must have laser focus – and in order to be an expert, you have to live, eat and breathe what you’re passionate about.

As an entrepreneur, Steve recognized that it’s just not realistic to manage all of your financial affairs in the most responsible way possible—and focus on the growth of your business. That’s where we come in. Partnership.

The Foundation of AWP’s Passion & Expertise

We are passionate about helping inter-generational wealth families in ways that others don’t. We pride ourselves on an approach that identifies creative solutions that others can’t or won’t, oftentimes because there is no revenue or commission to be generated by doing things the right way for a client. We see our clients as partners, focused on mutual success and interest alignment.

Steve’s experience spans over a decade of focused tax planning, legal strategy interpretation, investment management, and advisory services to wealthy individuals and families. Having provided counsel and management on individual assets and portfolios—encompassing a combination of securities, real estate, privately held businesses and other alternative investments—ranging in value from $5 million to over $400 million in value.

Steve is an alumnus of Old Dominion University and the University of South Florida. and resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. When he’s not working, or nerding out on taxes or investments – you’ll find him on the water or with his kids, Stephen and Callie.

Steve is a strong supporter of the local first responder community (law enforcement and fire-rescue) and is always interested in opportunities to support causes that are meaningful to the local and global community.

We're redefining what it means
to be a "Family Office".

We harness the limited, singularly focused expertise of your Investment Brokers, Bankers, Trust Companies,
Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance agents and in-house administrative staff to
drive a better outcome.


Highly bureaucratic

Red tape. Product Sales. Self-Serving.

Limited scope of services

Focus on asset management or life insurance only – because that’s how they get paid.

Focused on gathering your assets

No monetary incentive to do anything else.

Cookie-cutter approach

Model portfolios without any thought to your unique circumstances… and an annual review, if you’re lucky.

Herd mentality

Everyone seems to be doing ‘the same thing’ –adding minimal value.


Highly agile

Able to deploy capital across a broad suite of investments ranging from public and private investments to real estate, venture capital, angel investments – whatever our clients need to accomplish their goals.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Act as a true fiduciary to a client’s entire financial household and not just their investments. Total Financial, Legal and Tax Integration.

Focused on driving outcomes

When you grow, we grow. Our goal is to reach your finish line – however you may define that.

Untethered creative freedom

Our loyalty is to our clients – and finding creative solutions to suit their needs, not to big banks or investment brokerages encouraging us to plug their products.


Monstro: A project
set to further disrupt
wealth management

In 2019, I founded Monstro, LLC in Atlanta, GA and focused on increasing objective advice and transparency to the wealth management industry across the financial, investment, legal and tax disciplines – for Ultra High Net Worth Families. Monstro is about empowering people and taking back control from major financial institutions.